Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ULTed the Ultimate ASCII Editor for ASCII Art

Ever wonder how people make those great color pictures on IRC?.
ULTed is a utility program that will let you draw and colorize ASCII art.
In many IRC channels/groups people discuss ASCII art, request ASCII art, post ASCII art, post improved versions or variations of other people's ASCII art, and generally have fun.
So, what does exactly ASCII art mean?.
It is any sort of pictures or diagrams drawn with the printable characters in the ASCII character set.

People use ASCII art for a number of reasons. Here are some of them.
  1. It is the most universal computer art form in the world -- every computer system capable of displaying multi-line text can display ASCII art, without needing to have a graphics mode or support a particular graphics file format.
  2. An ASCII picture is hundreds of times smaller in file size than its GIF or BMP equivalent, while still giving a good idea of what something looks like.
  3. It's easy to copy from one file to another (just cut and paste).
  4. It's fun!
And with ULTed tool program you could create your own ASCII art!. Watch this screenshot shown at the below to see what I've done with the written symbols in the main editor of this program

Waw.. that's cool and beautiful flowers right!?.
Note: After creating your own ASCII art using this program, you should use some kind of play command in order to get your ASCII clearly sent to the window you want its picture displayed in.
Copy and paste the below code into your script editor to create a Popup menu which contains a play command to play your ASCII picture in the channel and query window of your mIRC program.

To test this Popup menu and the contained command try to right click on a main channel or query window, choose ASCII Art from its menu then select your ASCII file and click the Open button. Done!, and my ASCII picture should be something like :

wasn't that cool!?, you like it? below is the link to download the program.

Download ULTed V.2.00


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