Thursday, April 9, 2009

IRC Resources

The IRC Resource is a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed (the place where people see and look for the IRC stuff), Resources are described by kind and type. Below are some of the Irc Resources with the different types we could make a list for you.

IRC Intros

IRC Help
The IRC Prelude
New IRC Users

IRC FAQ's and Help

EFnet mIRC Info Center
IRC Operators Guide
DALnet mIRC Homepage

Information About Virus Problems

The Internet Security Team (IST)
The Internet Security Team (IST) or Hacking team works to help prevent, track and reports violations of network security. They assist victims who have been hacked or sent a virus to clean their computer and protect it against future invasions or attacks. IST keeps a database of known attackers e-mail address, host masks, and IP addresses. They write and update classes about every 3 months on new ways to secure your computer and protect yourself on-line as well as remain top sources of information on the latest virus threats.

Add-on Programs for mIRC

Sam Spade Tools for IRC
mIRC Channel Stats

IRC Programs for Other OSs

IRC for WebTV
ircII for Unix

There are a few IRC clients available for Macintosh computers.  Despite which one you use, they are all most likely Shareware and will require payment of some sort if you continue using them beyond a certain time period.

Ircle (Mac)
Chatnet ( a very easy-to-use IRC client for Macintosh.)
ShadowIRC (Mac)
smIRCle (Mac)
GlobalIRC-d (Mac)
Snak (Mac)
PhatIRC (Mac)

Some Other Mac Resources

MACPOWER.Org (Good but small resource for Mac related stuff.)
Pure Mac (The largest and the best All Macintosh resource out there that I have found.)

IRC Networks

Kidlink IRC
Search IRC Networks and Servers List

IRC Servers

Current Server List from mIRC
Undernet Servers List
IRCnet Servers
Server List Overview

IRC Channels

IRC Channels
Undernet Channel Service

Books and IRC E-zines

Books About mIRC and IRC
DALnet E-Zine
The IRC Event Service

Running Your Own Server

Microsoft Exchange Chat Service

Technical IRC Documents

EFnet Development
Jeepster's IRC Numerical Reference


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