Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mIRC Addon: Complete Protection System (CPS)


This is version 7.0 of CPS, one the most powerful channel and personal protection addon that exists for the *mIRC* a popular IRC client. It comes with a built in help file. CPS includes the latest in IRC protection and protects you from 43 of the most common IRC offences. CPS also has the quickest reaction time so it is also one of the most effective ways to protect yourself.

CPS is originally created by Amit, an addon which is very configurable through dialogs and easy to use for all kinds of users, it is well organized and simple to use yet very advanced in its features. It does not contain any offensive features.

Features of CPS Version 7.0

  1. CPS will protect you from the most common IRC offences such; Private Text Flood, Query Flood, Private spam protection, Mass join flood, Clones flood, Text flooding, Text repeating, Revolving doors part flood ect...
  2. CPS uses Signal events to make the processing of kicks quick and you don't lag at all.
  3. CPS uses hash tables to store data which allows you to add unlimited amounts of channels in protected list and all with different configurations.
  4. You can make different settings for different channels.
  5. You can configure kick messages, ban time, ban types; choose between kicking a nick or kick + banning a nick out of a channel.
  6. CPS supports all 10 ban types of mirc.
  7. CPS has a channel limiter which will automatically set +l mode in channels that you are opped in according to the minimum user limit you want.
  8. CPS has setting dialogs for every kick. which means more options and more comfort.
  9. CPS has socket spam checkerbot with which will join your protected channel(you can setup channels) and will cycle after a certain period of time(you can also set this up) and upon being spammed in private it will auto message ur script to kick the nick. NOTE: it auto signals the script not you so the kick is far more quickly done.
Note: CPS has so much more features which require that you have basic knowledge of mIRC commands and know how to use basic windows dialogs. If your are below that level it is highly recommended that you don't continue with installing this addon or it will make you look like paralyzed person who tries to fight Muhammed Ali in the kick boxing arena! that's just because you got wrong installation of this awesome addon.

Installing CPS Version 7.0

CPS requires to be in its specific directory, please follow the below steps exactly the way they are mentioned to avoid any problems regarding wrong path of this addon.
  1. Firstly, you need to find the path of your mirc.exe, find out where it is installed. You can do that by typing the following command in any mirc window.

        //echo -a $mircdir

    When you type that command it will echo the path of your mirc directory. Now open your explorer and browse to that path. Say the above command gave you this path --> C:\mirc\. So, open "C:\mirc\" and unzip/unrar the downloaded file in such a way that it creates a sub-directory in the above path called "CPS",; C:\mirc\cps\.

    To verify if your installation path is correct check the path of file called "Firststep.mrc", it should be: C:\mirc\cps\firststep.mrc .
  2. Now open you mirc.exe (If not already opened). and type the below command:

        /Load -rs cps\firststep.mrc

    It will generally open a dialog that will say "one or more script has been loaded....."

    Note: If that dialog opened don't hit enter! Click on "Yes" button with your mouse pointer. Else installation will fail. If you already hit enter then again type the above command and this time click on "Yes" button.

    If that dialog didn't popped up then you will see the About Dialog popping up which looks like the below screenshot:

    That means that your installation is successful. And to open the setup configurations of this addon try to right click on one of the available mIRC windows such Status Window or Channel Window.
That's all. Enjoy the CPS addon and Keep in safe!.

Download CPS Version 7.0


Anonymous said...

Just installed the cps, I'm a noobie. I wanted some thing that works in the background, this is quite a good system and add another one like acidmax on top of it, I would be a happy bunny. :)

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