Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mIRC Addon: Channel Guardian Socket Bot V4.1

An IRC BOT is like a roBOT. It is a computer program that logs onto IRC and does things automatically, based upon its programming. Some of them are used to monitor a channel and perform an analysis of events.
Now, if you are looking for an "all around mIRC channel guardian and protection bot", with the most of the features are included in its addon you can keep most (if not all) of trouble makers out of your channels, then I highly recommend this bot for anyone who wishes to have full control over their channel plus exceptional user functions.


Channel Guardian Socket Bot (CGSB) is written originally by Entropy. It's an extremely conprehensive all around mIRC channel guardian and protection bot. It utilizes mIRC's hash tables to store data into memory. The access levels consist of 7 levels. (0)none, (1)avoice, (2)aop, (3)sop, (4)founder, (5)admin, (black)blacklist. There are 88+ channel commands, and 22+ private message commands. This bot can easily fill different primary functions for a channel. You could easily run a large channel with several CGSB's with different purposes, or one single CGSB. CGSB has a fun side. You can run the trivia all day long, with hundreds of users playing. Or, if trivia is not your game, you can play UNO, or scramble. CGSB has a serious side. Effective channel management, via strict access levels and anti-spam. No need to login to CGSB ever. It records your host via a specific mask type. You have complete control.

Installing, Running CGSB

Note: You will need mIRC V6.35 or higher to install this addon on your computer. You can get the latest version of mIRC from its home page, then follow the following steps to install and run this addon:
  1. Unzip the contents of the zip file to any directory within the main mIRC directory.
  2. Run your mIRC program (if it hasn't been opened already)
  3. Now, open the Script Editor of your mIRC in which that the Remote tab section is an active one (press "ALT+R" on your Keyboard to open the Remote editor). Go to File > Load - browse to the unzipped CGSB directory, change the "Files of type" option to "All File (*.*)" mode then select cgsb.txt file to open.

    It will commonly open a dialog that will say "one or more script has been loaded.....".

    NOTE: If that dialog opened don't hit enter!! Click on "Yes" button with your mouse pointer or the installation will fail. If you already hit enter then again do the above step and this time click on "Yes" button.

  4. If You did all these correctly you should see text message echoed in your status window:

    * Welcome to Channel Guardian Socket Bot v4.1 - entropy DALnet! (check status window popups)

    If you do see this message then your installation is successful!.

  5. Now, to run the bot on IRC network you can just simple type :

         /cgbs <[number]> <[server]> <[port]>
    For Example:
         /cgbs 1 6667

    Note: In this newest version, there is an option to use bnc, so it simulates 24/7 hours. Read its user manual in its Readme.html file to use this option.
That's all. Try it then you'll love it!. And below is the link to download the Addon

Download CGSB Version 4.1


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