Thursday, May 14, 2009

mIRC Snippets : FLL (Find Letters In Lines)

IRC lets people in its channels to participate in a social group or community and have conversations or discussions. To chat was the main purpose, and still there are many channels that carry nice conversations.

Sometimes, you lose some important messages or text that was passing on the top of the channel window you are in. This simple snippet can help you with such problem.

The function of this small alias primarily is to say the last line in the channel.

Usage: /fll [some-letters-you-want-to-find-here]

For example :

Type :     /fll FTP client - will say the last message-line in the current channel that contained "FTP client" letter(s). If you don't specify a letter then this will say any last messages found in the main channel you've just typed the /fll command.


  1. Copy and paste the above code into your mIRC Remote Editor (Press "ALT+R" to open this editor).
  2. Click OK button to save the changes.
  3. Make sure your Remote is turned on (type: /remote on to make it on).

Enjoy my snippet!.

Note: this snippet won't work in DCC Chat mode.


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