Friday, May 15, 2009

mIRC Snippets : TidTalk For Tottering Text Messages

Many IRC users still love to use some featured text messaging in their communications with others, styled letters such a colored text or notice, backround color in their messages, replacing spaces with some special characters ect...

You can try this little alias if you want your messages look like some "tottering text". This simple code snippet will make uppercase/lowercase your text string.

Say you send your message as "Hi, I see you got that awesome script from IRCDiary. Wasn't that cool?." then this snippet will make it looks like : "hI, i sEe yOu gOt tHaT AwEsOmE ScRiPt fRoM IrCdIaRy. WaSn't tHaT CoOl?.".
You like it? Below is the code for the snippet.


  1. Copy and Paste the above code to your mIRC Remote Editor (Press "ALT+R" to open this editor).
  2. Click OK button to save the changes.

    That's it, and your text is ready to be "tottered"

Info: The code on *:input:*: makes this snippet effects your messages in all input events. If you want it for channel messages only change the code to on *:input:#:, or on *:input:?: for private message event.


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