Thursday, May 14, 2009

mIRC Snippets : Advanced DNS

This is a replacement for the built in mIRC /dns. It works just like /dns except this allows you to receive much more detailed information. It allows you to get a list of all IPs that the host resolves to rather than just the first.

For example:

Using mIRC's /dns:

[15:43] * Looking up
[15:43] * Resolved to

Using Advanced /dns:

[15:43] * Looking up
[15:43] * Resolved to,,

A simple but useful way of retrieving all of the IP addresses that a host resolves to, instead of only one.

Installation :

  1. Select and copy the above codes
  2. Open your mIRC program. Once the program is opened press "Alt+R" on your Keyboard. The mIRC Scripts Editor will start with the Remote tab section opened.
  3. Paste the codes into your Remote editor and press OK button to save the changes.

Note: to use this snippet correctly you have to be connected to one of your favorite IRC servers.

Once you are connected to an IRC network type: /dns (or whatever hosts/Ip address you want to "DNS"
Enjoy and Happy scripting!.


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