Sunday, May 24, 2009

IRC Server Program: WIRCSrv For Windows

I've been hanging around on IRC and Web for a couple of months, searching something better to run an IRC Chat server without any ISP connections?, so that I can configure my own script at home? because I just want to test some addons or aliases?.
The usual way to test an alias, a popup, a remote event or an entire script is to go on-line, join a channel (maybe an existing one, maybe one of your own creation just for testing) and start testing. However, if like me you're in the ID (Indonesia) or some other countries where you have to pay for local telephone calls and don't want to spend more time connected to the net than you absolutely have to, there are some alternatives. And the best one is to run an IRC Server Program called "WIRCSRV".


WircSrv is one of the most popular IRC servers on the 'net written by John Joseph.
With this utility users on windows machines can set up complete IRC networks similar to EFnet or Undernet (although considerably smaller). You can run your own IRC server at home, Off-line or On-line. You can connect to it just like you'd connect to any other IRC server. You'd be the IRCop - the system administrator. Of course this wouldn't actually do you much good, because the only person connected to the network would be yourself, but even if you don't need to test your own scripts then setting up and running your own server is a valid exercise for the curious among you.

The server owes much of its following to the fact that is one of the easiest IRC server to install, configure, and administer. It also benefits from having versions available for both Windows 3.x and Windows 95/NT.

Installing & Using WIRCSrv

Getting up and running with the server is suprisingly simple. After installing WircSrv all you need to do is run the program and you are immediately ready to accept client connections.

Below is the simple way to install then use the application;

  1. Install

    Installed program includes two applications in its package; the wircsrv.exe IRC server and servbot.exe.
    1. Wircsrv.exe is the irc server for windows. Review the help file for more information on server operation.
    2. Servbot.exe is a service bot for the server. The service bot implements services like nickserv, chanserv, and memoserv.
  2. Run Wircsrv.exe

    The only thing you should remember when the executed program is appearing is the host ip for your server.

    Done!, your IRC server is created! and your host ip is set by default when you run the program without an internet connection.

  3. Using Wircsrv server

    to use the running wircsrv server is relatively simple and easy. here you need to open your favorite IRC client (program) like mIRC then in the EditBox of your IRC program type: /server (remember that is your Wircsrv server set by default when you run the program without any Internet connections)

    See, I'm connected to my own server, :).

  4. If you desire to to implement your IRC network services you can run the Servbot application. Open it from the same directory as wircsrv. When you see the main ServBot screen, check the server connection password, hostname, and port. These default to the default values of wircsrv. Change them if you have changed the values in wircsrv.

    Once the bot is connected to your wircsrv network, you can /msg servbot HELP. That's all, enjoy your own IRC server.
More info: Wircsrv is now only available in the shareware version at the moment, however the limitations of the shareware version (maximum of 10 connections) won't be a problem for what we want to do with it.

Download WIRCSrv IRC Server For Windows


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