Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr^p^ mIRC Script

Mr^p^ is an old mIRC script that’s ideal for online surfing on newest IRC World to obtain a unique professional look (still). It’s built for daily communicating, displaying colorred text and is easily configured settings even for a beginner IRC user. This script really stands out from the rest with it’s color scheme and built in features. check out the live screenshot demo to see what's a nice looking this script is :

However, the script was made in Indonesian, if you think that you are not too familiar with their language then just find and pick up what's the good one for you (see the mirc script listed on the side bar), or if you still want to try this one, below are some informations you could check before trying to download it from my own link:

MR^P^ Script
AuthorIndra Praja
VersionOriginal (but fixed)
TypeFull Script
Feature(s)General : Protections, Services, lots of popups, utilities, games, Mp3 System, channel scanners, mass commands, away system, help system, a lot of extra stuff And much more.
Additionals : Bots (Inviter,Scramble,Spy, ect..), Alarm System, Sockets cloning system and much more.
File IntegrityScanned with : AVG v2009, ANSAV 2009 Beta and SmadAV.v 2009 Release Edition
Home (Expired)
Default Channelnone

like I said the script was fixed in the following places :

  1. in an alias which was trigerred to change the user nickname I found an error msg what looks like :

    * /guser: insufficient parameters

    so, I moved it to the nick change event (on 1:nick:{ .guser ect.. }), and it was fixed.

  2. I removed the following files from the script package for some "silly" things I found on the package :

    mrp-bmb.exe ( Found trojan or variant FDoS-X-Script )
    mrp-oob.exe ( Found trojan or variant Nuke-Voob !!! )
    mrp-nuker.exe ( Found trojan or variant DDoS-VNuke )
    mrp-clnk.exe ( Found trojan or variant DDoS-VNuke !!! )
    mrp-dlock.exe ( Found trojan or variant Butano !!! )
    mrp-msnk.exe ( Found potentially unwanted program Tool-NukeNabber. )
    mrp-efl.exe ( Found potentially unwanted program MotherboardMonitor. )
    sub7.exe ( Found the IRC/Flood.e trojan !!! )

That's all and I know it's still the good one on the net and we will keep it in safe with a very solid maintenance system, you know why, because we love our IRC. Maybe you were referred here because you suspect your security has been compromised, or maybe you just want to make sure you are safe. So, here is, it's ready for everybody who want to try, below is the link to download :

Link to Download

Just make sure you leave your comment (any comments are welcome) for any ideas or any bugs you found on this script.

If you use a script that you like, or you are an author of an IRC Script and want it be listed, send an e-mail including the Author name, Script name, type, version, homepage ect.. in the message of your mail.


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