Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ludrio mIRC Script

"Well, since it keeps on being quiet in this net, I decided to search something. I've been hanging around on IRC for a couple of months now, and I keep on wandering where everyone keeps getting those cool scripts from. Scripts like were the words fade, and for writing in other colors etc. Does anybody know one good script I could use?"

One day on January 2009 I found someone wrote this message in one channel which I joined in. Just wondering I couldn't give him/her the right answer at that moment. Because you know why? The answer is "Yes!". yes I know the good (I said the Great!) one and I think you're the lucky one to get yourself be here at this moment!.

A Very nice mIRC script with many realy good and intresting tools.

The name is LudrioScript, and below are some informations of this amazing script :

TypeFull Script
Feature(s)This script has everything, all protections, easy setup, control panel, toolbar, lots of usefull stuff, network services options for QuakeNet, UnderNet and DALnet, BNC Manager, entertainment, lots of popups, utilities, channel games, winamp displayer, channel scanners, mass commands, sound system, easy theme system, away system, help system, everything you need + lots of extra stuff And much more.
File IntegrityScanned with : AVG v2009, ANSAV 2009 Beta and SmadAV.v 2009 Release Edition
Home Page
Default Channelnone

It has everything a newbie, regular or advanced mirc user is looking for in a script. The configuration is awesome. You might see some other conversions of this script out there but I promise you’ll find it to be top-notch and feature-rich. as You can see from this screenshot that the actual control panel is nicely setup so you don’t need to click everything or try and figure out how to click on the icon list.

Control Panel dialog

From this dialog you can open and start configuring everything you need such : Network management, Channel and Personal protection, seen system, Mp3 Player, Channel recorder and much more. below is the link to download the script :

Link to Download

Just make sure you leave your comment (any comments are welcome) for any ideas or any bugs you found on this script.

If you use a script that you like, or you are an author of an IRC Script and want it be listed, send an e-mail including the Author name, Script name, type, version, homepage ect.. in the message of your mail.


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I donwload this script thanks.

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