Thursday, June 4, 2009

mIRC Addon: Google Search V1.93

Google is the most used search engine on the world networking. It's much better than the other engines (I guess). Some estimates are that more than one hundred million people submit queries to Google each day. It is one of the top ten visited web sites each day.

The usual way to use this service is to open a web browser such Chrome, FireFork, IE ect.. just wondering if someone on an IRC Network could create some triggered words/commands to use google search in the main window of an IRC channel?. You should get the right answer when you've tried an addon created by Meij, a small addon that will reach!.

This addon allows you to search from within mIRC, returns results upon user's requests with the trigger !google [the keywords], and displays the results in the channel window you are in. It doesn't require a web browser and offers all of the functionality you would expect. See the below screenshot that shows how this addon could work.

That was the tested one when the addon received simple triggered command such !google Introduction to IRC Internet Relay Chat. You can make limited search results by using -l[] additional command. And it also supports several advanced operators of google seach features such site:, inurl:, intitle:, related:, allinurl: ect. This picture shown at the below is taken from my own experiment with this addon, I think you would be clear about all those things which I'm trying to explain:

Want to try this Google Search addon? below is the link to Download. Just make sure you leave your comment for any bugs you found when using the addon. Thanks and Happy IRC Googling!.

Download Google Search V1.93


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