Friday, May 22, 2009

Open Source: PsyBNC

I. Introduction

One common program running on Linux/*nix machine that you can use to connect to your favorite IRC Network is an IRC Bouncer called "PsyBNC". PsyBNC is an IRC network bouncer. psy is short for psychoid, the original creator of psyBNC. BNC is short for bouncer, a method of "bouncing" through a server to cloak your hostname. It acts as a proxy for irc, allowing you to hide your real IP address and use some fun vhosts (vanity host - something like: Hamzah is

PsyBNC is very easy to use. Unlike any other BNC software available at the time, psyBNC could stay connected to IRC, even when you detach your IRC client (program) from the BNC. psyBNC was the first bouncer to support this feature. Today, most IRC bouncers have this feature. A bouncer may also remain connected to an IRC server in the event the client should disconnect from the Internet.

II. Installing PsyBNC

To get started installing Psybnc you will need :

  1. A shell Account supports PsyBNC. You can try to find a free shell account on my article titled Free shells if you haven't had it yet.
  2. A program (software) supports Unix Command line, and in this short tutorial I will use putty as a popular SSH or telnet software.
First thing you should do is to login to your shell account, read How to login to Unix Shell if you are not experienced with this login step.
After logging into the shell, In a terminal of the host machine were you want to install the PsyBNC just follow the folowing steps and intructions :
Note: everything about Unix is case-sensitive including the commands, filename, directory ect. For example : the command "wget" will download a file from the given source URL to your working directory. If you try to type it as "WGET" or "WgeT", you'll get an error message.

  1. Type: wget

    The wget command is for downloading a PsyBNC source file named "psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz" from a source site named

  2. Type: tar -zxvf psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz

    The tar command is for extracting the PsyBNC source into its installation directory named 'psybnc'. If this doesn't work, try: gunzip psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz then: tar xvf psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz

  3. Type: cd psybnc

    Changes the working directory to "psybnc".

  4. Type: ./configure

    This command is to make sure that your shell has all the right tools for the compiling psyBNC.

  5. Type: make menuconfig

    here, just follow the installation instructions.

  6. Type: make

    This is the main point of your psybnc configurations. It's to edit and make the settings in a file named "psybnc.conf". Find something which looks like :


    Note: you don't need to edit every item you see. All you need to add to your config file is the port of which you want to connect to, 31337 is set by default. Put "45321" as your port or any numbers you like, and remember it.
    You may want to know "what does the psybnc.conf look like?", I've made its sample for you, download it here then open the psybnc.conf you've downloaded using a normal text editor such Notepad or Wordpad on Windows or SimpleText if your computer is running on Mac.

  7. To run your psyBNC Type: ./psybnc psybnc.conf or just type: ./psybnc

    Done!, your installed psyBNC is now running and ready to use it on an IRC network.

III. Using PsyBNC on IRC Network.

  1. To use your psyBNC on an IRC network you will need to open one of your favorite IRC clients (programs) such mIRC or pIRCh.
  2. in the EditBox of your IRC client type: /server

    The shell hostname is the available hostname or Ip address of the server which your shell is running on. You should have been told this by the provider of your login account or you can find it by typing the "vhosts" command In the terminal of the host machine of your login shell.
    The port is the port number you've writen in your psybnc.conf configuration in the "PSYBNC.SYSTEM.PORT1=" section.

  3. Type: /quote pass If it doesn't work try: /pass or /password

    Note: The password you write here will be used on the next connection of your login PsyBNC.

  4. Type: /bvhost

    To find the list of the available virtual hosts for your psyBNC please visit the source given by the provider of your account.

  5. Type: /addserver

    For example :    /addserver (to add with port: 6667 in the servers list)
That's enough to get your psyBNC to connect to your favorite IRC network. Enjoy your PsyBNC and Happy chatting.

Tips/Info: One common feature provided on the connected PsyBNC is to get help using /bhelp command in the EditBox of your IRC client.


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