Saturday, May 16, 2009

mIRC Addons: Xseen Version 3.9 A Multi-Server Seen system

Xseen Version 3.9 By Xdaemon

Xseen is an mIRC addon that logs and saves every events that occurs in the channel it resides and gives the information of last events of a user to anyone who requests for a "!seen" user, host or ip. It's called "seen system" on IRC world.

If you know nothing about seen system it looks something like:

<+xtype> !SeEn *!*@
<@Hamzah> I found 3 matches to your query. Here are the 3 most recent (sorted): Fdisk Cakrabuana kijang. xtype, Fdisk (Fdisk@ was last seen changing nick on #darulkawakib to cerdas 20 minutes ago (5.16 10:06) cerdas is still there.

This small addon is written by xdaemon, as a pretty much your professional "!seen" addon, with a very nice features that I felt made it worthy of posting. The configuration dialog is easy to setup and the layout is fairly easy to read and understand. It has almost every feature you need on a seen system. Even it has a configuration to setup the !seen flood protection. Below is the screenshot of each tab sections in the dialog mode:

(Right click > "View Image" to enlarge)


  1. Unzip the file to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Open your mIRC program.
  3. Go to the remotes editor (Alt +R) and select File -> Load -> Script.
    Browse to the xSeen.mrc file that you extracted from the .zip. Press "Open".
  4. Press "Yes" if asked to run setup routines.

    That's all and xseen system is ready. Read the xseen Readme.txt file for more informations and guides how to setup the addon.

Link to Download


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