Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ScriptXP For mIRC

This is a very simple and cute (I think) mIRC script. it's called a "ScriptXP", but it doesn't mean that you cannot use this script when your computer is running on other Operating Systems (I.E. Win98/Me/Vista), absolutely not!.
With easy dialog modes you can configure all in the settings you want to use even the user can change the replay events like on ctcp, slaps ect..

Below are some informations I could present about this script :

AuthorDeusX and DSF
TypeFull Script
Feature(s)General : Protection, Auto join, Auto Ident, Scanner, AwaySys, SeenSys, Mp3 Player, and enable Themes changes.
Additional : Spam Bot, Alarm Sys, System Info, Skin selector, automatic option(s), replay system.
Home Page
Default Channelnone

Guide to install and run the script :

  1. Download the script then unpack the downloaded archive in a custom folder.
  2. After you unpack the files you need to copy mirc.exe into the ScriptXP main directory ( eg: C:\ScriptXP)
  3. Double click the mIRC.exe for starting ScriptXP. At your first time starting ScriptXP you will have to follow some little steps before starting, or if you are in hurry just write in the nickname and alternate nickname.
  4. that's all. You may read the help files (F1) and take a look at FKeys (F10)

Link to Download

If you use a script that you like, or you are an author of an IRC Script and want it be listed, send an e-mail including the Author name, Script name, type, version, homepage ect.. in the message of your mail.

You can tell me your ideas, if you liked the script, or if disliked it. I would like to hear from you nomatter what your opinion is. Any Comments are welcome.


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