Friday, April 10, 2009

Extreme v9.0 mIRC Script

Extreme V9.0 is a very clean and useful professional mIRC script. I think the most of the features are included in this script. It comes with very clean basical dialog modes so it's very easy to setup its configurations, by openning the General Setup section, you can begin to configure your first settings on this script. The following table shows some informations of the script :

Extreme V9.0
VersionV9.0 (Original)
TypeFull Script
Feature(s)General : Network Services, Full Protections, utilities, games, Seen System, Mp3 System, scanners, away system, alarm system and enable theme changes .
Additional : Botnet System, enable events change performs, TCP/IP System (BNC, Portscan, IP Monitor, ect..) , enable fake version, enable hash table change system (advanced) and much more.
File IntegrityScanned with : AVG v2009, ANSAV 2009 Beta and Smadav 2009 Rev. 2
Home Page
Default Channelnone

Once you have installed and run the script go to the Extreme v9.0 main menu on your mirc's menu bar and find "Setup" > "General Setup" then you will see its dialog which looks like :

General Setup Extreme V9.0

The script was made in a very clean hash table system. And as we know that mIRC's hash tables are superfast and are great for storing all kinds of information, both temporary info as well as script settings.
The one of amazing things you will see on the script is to give its user to be able to make any changes in its hash table system for the whole settings of this script. But if you haven't had any experiences of using any mirc scripts yet or you have just begun in it, and you want the script running in its the default settings, you can just go to its reset menu by clicking "Reset to script Default", see the following screenshot for easy captured :

Reset to Default menu Extreme V9.0

This interesting conversation should give you more than enough to get you to swim nicely more than other users on your favorite Networks. Thanks again to the author for making this wonderful script available on IRCDiary so the scripters mania can find and know this great work.

Download Extreme V9.0

Need help for something in using this script leave your question in the comment field and wait for the replay, thanks.

If you use a script that you like, or you are an author of an IRC Script and want it be listed, send an e-mail including the Author name, Script name, type, version, homepage ect.. in the message of your mail.


Anonymous said...

your script is full with viruses evrytimei try to download my kasper sky deleted atomaticly it has trojan virus mate

Hamzah on February 9, 2010 at 11:09 AM said...

@Ano..: So sorry bout that, it was from my infected system when I had to change the link twice. but it's fixed now.. try it again. thanks.
Best Regards...

WamPIRe said...

Best script ever!
I just wish to know how to set multiple server connection? :o
I managed with setting in perform: /s -m ..
Any other ways? :o

Thanks in advance!

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